Tips on How to Boost Testosterone Levels

What should be the normal level of testosterone in the bloodstream? A healthy person should have between 350 and 1000 Nano grams of testosterone per deciliter of blood. These levels of testosterone will vary within this range and can go outside the estimations depending on the activity of a person. Age is a factor as well. Above 40 years, your testosterone level is likely to slump gradually onwards and you might lose up to 1% every year. For bodybuilders, increasing the amount of testosterone is very important because the whole sport of increasing muscle mass is dependent on hormone levels as well as diet and workouts. Here are tips to help you boost testosterone levels.

Employ Rep Range That’s Close to 10

Bodybuilders who are used to doing the typical strength protocol that features 5 reps for every set and inculcating quite longer rest intervals of about three minutes should consider changing this if they want to boost testosterone levels in their bodies. According to the International Journal of Sports Medicine in their study report, bodybuilders who did resistance training that had ten rep and a minute of rest had a notable increase in the production of growth hormone as well as testosterone, which meant that they developed muscle mass easier and faster.

Keep Rest Spans Shorter

Studies have also been able to show that there is a significant influence on the production of testosterone in the body by rest periods. Bodybuilders with a tendency to have their rest periods drag on during their workout, probably going closer to 5 minutes showed a poor release of growth hormone and testosterone. While training, it is important to keep reps intense while shortening your rest periods as much as possible. Possibly, do not let your rest periods exceed three minutes because they will have an impact to the way your body releases testosterone. Short rest periods help your body increase the metabolic rate, which is a trigger enough for a boost in the release of testosterone.
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Rework Your Protein Diet

One of the best ways to help boost the production of testosterone as a bodybuilder is by including natural supplements that help in the production of testosterone in the body. Some of the best sources of testosterone-boosting foods are proteins. As much as you would want to eat quite a lot of them to increase the production of this hormone, keep in mind that taking them in excess means that they will have to be broken down (gluconeogenesis) and stored in form of body fat. Instead of taking too much of protein, include just enough that is good for the growth of lean muscle mass and production of testosterone. For the supply of energy in the body, taking adequate carbs is a better choice because they have a better influence on the production of insulin, a well-known source of anabolic hormones that are essential for the process of bodybuilding. Quite a number of research papers have been able to show that protein diets are better for testosterone production but must be done with moderation.

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